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"Products by specialists"

PhilosophieProducts by specialists – core statement of our philosophy.
This statement stands for the commitment of a team of experienced and skilful professionals.
In our products you see the consistent alignment of quality assurance and long lasting experience of our GSG employees.

Customer satisfaction – at GSG not just a blank phrase
Philosophie In our current business environment there is an increasing demand for better services and products for competitive conditions. More over the personal and individual consulting of our customers is the spotlight at GSG.
The resulting fun and added value is our engine. We take values like customer focus, competence and motivation as well as reliability and kindness for granted.
As a well-established trade partner we have adapted our services to your particular needs. Beside our qualified staff our modern logistic-system guarantees smooth flows and processes. Our well-assorted warehouse assures quick and reliable deliveries and services at the highest stage. Trust our professionals at GSG!
Environmental protection
Umwelt We understand nature and environment as a heritage for us and future generations – therefore we take environmental protection for granted.  
The use of environmentally friendly processes and materials, as well as the use of recyclable products and the classification of waste are just some measures we integrate in daily business.

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